Unemployment;the debate continues

Not a new word in this generation. Its existence has prevailed more than epidemics and thresholds among the seven seas and continents in the world.Stands tall to be one of the biggest problems existing in every part of the world. Unemployment plays a major role in the lives of people and countries. Come to think of it this is the main reason we have more problems in the world.

Idle minds on the loose what would you expect? Crime rates, drug abuse,depression becoming a major problem,death,suicides, poverty, corruption name it.There’s the fact that most people don’t like working their ass off but who doesn’t need money .

Survival is strictly clinged to employment yet few spots are available and majority of people are unemployed and so you have to think big,bigger than your ego and pride and start somewhere. Just a simple step of opening up your own type of business, a step to find a way to survival, school your kid, live on a three day meal plan and maintain your health.

But unemployment is underrated, lets say a plan is made for the unemployed youths, that’s a good idea but how long does it get to stand up and support other eras off generations ahead. So many unemployed adults with degrees and diplomas from school not finding any vacancies well because all vacancies are full or rather you have to be connected to one, two, three people for you to secure a chance or spot in finding a job. Its definitely not a cool thing.

Unemployment is literally the birth mother of poverty.There are bills to be paid, you need to feed, you need to stay healthy lets live on a basic budget, the essentials in life,the basic pillars without adding any secondary platforms of fancy clothes, cars, vacations and any unnecessary item.

But you don’t give up, do you? Its hard, its tough, discouraging, disappointment, kills dreams, careers, passions and ambitions but it doesn’t give you any right to give up on a dream you’ve held so dear since you were five years old. You remember the small engineer you wanted to be and the moment you give up because of unemployment the five year old within you is lessened and saddened by that thought and action.

Start somewhere, kill that ego and volunteer somewhere, start from scratch in fixing vehicles in a garage, be strong yet humble. The universe rewards.

Who is going to fix unemployment anyway, the nation? Your parents? Your friends? What about you? What do you get to do about unemployment? You can chose to be open minded to new ideas and people surrounding you, gain that little courage, step on your fears, be willing to learn, then kill that unemployment word in your head. Or you could remain you, picky on the jobs that come along, not thinking hard enough, sitting in your comfort zone and giving me the job of writing an article on unemployment another year, another dawn.

You could be your own boss, grow from it,manage people and you will have saved another 50-100 people from unemployment. Being unemployed can be mentally challenging. A constant worry about the future and money.Personally it affects your mental state and self confidence.Unemployment is hard either way and the solution is definitely not giving up!You don’t get to give up.

You try and fail a couple of good times then somewhere along those failures you’ll rise. Falling down is part of life, getting back up is living.

Vivian Khanyanji.

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