Tribute to Mama

The bell will ring
And hard unto you I shall cling
Adorned in these traditional caparison
With many women of your kind I will cease to give a comparison
For by far you transcend,
Them who of the same lineage with you descend
Thousands of mites to fight the elephant might lack the might,
But you after treading face the night
And in the most scalding embrace define your character
That may just be the first praise factor
I love you mama, a love meant to last

My love for you I term threefold
For your many sacrifices lie untold
Mama today we will sing
But louder, I will to sting
And to shade light on them in darkness
Yes them in darkness,
Darkness of your inner exquisite
And with bold proclaim it so precise to them at sight
You who in various community drives have proved auspicious
And left them haters look upon you suspicious
Of where you unearth your treasure
And with our constant demands you face life with no pressure
And dad, more than just a patner to you
Enactors in life together with you
I love you mama, a love meant to last

Mama if not enough
I promise to stand by you in life so rough
For the love you have shown us knows no boundary
In equal measure so sundry
Let’s gladly dance
To the tune of your greatness and secure one more chance
To be held dearly at your heart
And in tenderness console our poor souls hurt
Holding firm to your unceasing determination,
Mentor them once again for the first one
seems to be ceasing; perhaps out of contamination
I love you mama, a love meant to last

Just at sunset
When we will be free of unrest
When the soothing music shall have died
And the party laid to rest after ruthlessly being denied
I shall arise with the loudest noise,
And with consented choise
Proclaim your name
And let them judge you not by your fame
But by your achievements
And your ever commitments
I love you mama,a love meant to last

   ©Julias Arkadi

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