This is what Postinor 2 (P2) anti pregnancy drug does to the youth

Young girls are at a high risk of remaining barren till they receive their final calling. According to Victor Mukudi Kassim a health consultant working with a Chinese-American medical group based in Kenya, most of our female teens are hurriedly engaging in sexual malpractices that may end up ‘chewing’ their ovaries.

Victor,a gynecologist states boldly that P2 a drug that most adolescents use to escape pregnancy is not only dangerous but also very dangerous when mishandled.

“P2(Postinor 2) is one of the most common tablets that many girls are using to escape pregnancy especially after having sex. Most of these ‘angels’ of ours have always made sure the tablets roll down their worried throats between the zero minute and the seventy second minutes after engaging in sex. However, this girls fail to take with themselves is a precaution that P2 is only supposed to be taken up to a maximum of two times in a year,” he said.

Speaking at a function meant to train Bright future superior unique manufacturer of America (BF SUMA) agents , Victor who is an expert in BF SUMA products based in Bungoma town warned that taking P2 pills more than the stated number of times may cause barrenness.

BF SUMA is a company that deals in nonchemical herbal drugs that have since been praised for their amazing ability in solving some of the major medical complications. Their products are categorized into seven groups depending on the kind of complication they bring a rest to. Among their products are cardiovascular products, bones and joints, immune boosters, digestive health products, sexual health products, personal care products, weight control products just to name a few.

He also urged parents especially mothers to keep the girl child abreast, mothering them with adequate advice on general sexual morality lest they miss grandchildren.

According to a medical officer, emergency pills work by delaying or stopping release of an egg a process known as ovulation and hence blocking fertilization. Prolong use of the drug may cause permanent changes on the body hence leading to infertility or barrenness as the eggs are neither produced by the ovary or continuous delaying of release of the same.

A teenager confided in wessay on her experience with the drug. “Most girls get introduced to this drug either by their cunning boyfriends who lure them into having unprotected sex, social media or through their fellow teens . Most of us resort to swallowing up the tablets to avoid falling pregnant when we suspect that we may fall pregnant after engaging in unprotected sex,” the teen narrated.

“P2 drug has two major side effects among other less felt outcomes. The worse of the two is the severe bleeding that may even last for a whopping whole week. The severe bleeding often accompanies a very acute lower abdominal pains that weakens the whole body” she tried to explain her experience.

The medical officer further commented on the bleeding .”Emergency pills also work by making the lining of the uterus inhospitable for the pregnancies.Pregrancy is defined by the medical community as implantation of fertilized eggs in lining of a woman’s uterus,” he said .

He further stated that emergency pills (P2) work before a pregnancy has occurred and failure of implantation leads to bleeding out of the ovum as blood and hence continuous use of the contraceptive leads to failure of implantation of the egg on the uterine wall and as a result of blood which when not managed may continue for a longer time.

By Aggrey Barasa

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  1. Its high time our young girls are educated about safe pregnancy prevention measures. This piece is just setting the pace.. I hope every girl sees this.. And also there partners

  2. That’s a nice piece of advice though I wish the girl child especially the teens and any one who uses this p2 will get in touch with the side effects of the same thanks though I all girls to see this!!!

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