Let us all face it, some of us are eagerly waiting on the 14th not sure what your reasons are but that’s some of us. There’s a trip already planned out with your favorite person, a road trip, something to show out love well because it’s the day.Others will be at work because the love won’t stop us from grinding and others basically don’t care about it, it’s just a day, get over it.

The fact that it’s valentines doesn’t mean that one should be negative about it, we all have different perspectives about it and all these thoughts and perspectives ought to be respected no matter what. Don’t dim someone else’s thought or intentions just because yours isn’t meant.

It’s a day that we all have to celebrate love. It doesn’t really mean we only celebrate a love bond shared by two, it’s the type of love that you remember you haven’t visited your family in years, and maybe you should surprise them.

Visit that one long lost friend that you always plan on visiting and have never gotten the time. Extend your love to the street children, the orphans at some orphanage; the less fortunate they simply just need love.

Take your superior out ,well because you ought to give back , hangout with your small brother who you never really spend time with since you started working, arrange a surprise trip or party for that one friend who had a promotion and you never got to celebrate that success.

call your parents let them know you think about them this day, spend time with the love of your life because they need to feel this feeling or simply spoil yourself because you need to remind yourself how far you’ve come.

But love shouldn’t only be celebrated on one specific day of the year. It’s a feeling that should be reminded and felt in each and every day of our lives. Celebrate it daily because we are not sure of the future.

The mentality of waiting on valentines isn’t bad but maybe just maybe we might wait too long for this one day and then never get the chance to express it as we wish.

So be mysterious and create your own valentines on 29th July or 2nd March because you woke up and felt love needs to be celebrated that day. Surprise someone unexpectedly and watch the broad smile of happiness form on their glowing face.

Don’t wait on the red-tinted bouquet of flowers, instead take yourself out and be contended with you. Celebrate you, celebrate a family you so dearly hold, a friend who has never switched up on you, the driver who carries you every day to places, the child who you have effortlessly raised to be better.

I however hope you eat lots and loads of chocolate because who cares about calories, I hope you buy yourself the flowers you love and not expect it from someone who doesn’t know that you hate roses, I hope you shower yourself with gifts because we are way past waiting on people to celebrate us.

I hope as you remember about others, you remember you deserve better than the bare minimum. I hope you enjoy your company more and that you don’t need any validation from anyone but above all I hope you love yourself a little bit more this day because you’ve come so far and you need to celebrate yourself. This valentine is for you!

By Vivian Khanyanji

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  1. “I hope you buy yourself the flowers you love and not expect it from someone who doesn’t know that you hate roses” Preach self love boo! 2020 we’re all about ourselves

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