The rising toll of unemployment makes YouTube a home to many

Unemployment is a major problem in Kenya, most youths are not sure of getting jobs after completion of their studies at the university level. Most youths who don’t get a chance to join universities have the low chances of even believing in the term employment.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has really tried reduce the gap with the initiative dubbed ‘ Kazi Kwa Vijana’ however this is not enough to remise this issue.

With the rise in technology, social media for instance, has been a platform most youths recognize themselves with. Social media pages ; Facebook, Instagram , WhatsApp and twitter have helped a lot of people in their small business and the business world is reduced to a small village.

Most youths are talented and YOUTUBE has become a preferred platform. Comedy for instance , is a talent which most people have embraced and use YouTube especially subscription and viewership to earn .

Brenda Jons known as mama Njeri ,Mulamwa ,Njugush, Henry Desagu, MCA Tricky and Victor Naman are just but a few comedians known for their hilarious YouTube videos. They have many times opened up how YouTube has changed their lives.

Henry Desagu, a Kenyan comedian was awarded the silver creator Award on clean content by KFCB in partnership with YouTube.

This is an award for channels that surpass the 100k subscribers as testament to the hard work and dedication a content creator has shown in developing their channels to attract a larger viewership.

Mchungaji and Mtumishi are also comedians who experienced difficulty at the start of their careers and took to spotlight in Churchill show and are known by their group name ‘ kreative generation’. They were selected to work for Kenya Classification Board as ambassadors to advocate for clean content.

Talents and freedom of social media has come with a lot of shortcomings seeing films such as Rafiki Produced by Wanuri Kahiu banned in what was termed as having a homosexual theme and intending to promote lesbianism in Kenya and immoral behaviors by the Kenya Films and classification Board (KFCB) .

The song Taka taka by Alvindo was also banned by KFCB due to what it termed as promoting unhealthy relationships.

The Board advocates for clean content and hence ensures that moral content is disseminated.

By Brenda Kalunda

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3 thoughts on “The rising toll of unemployment makes YouTube a home to many

  1. YouTube has indeed employed so many. However, the issue of clean content is controversial. At times I feel they are doing too much gate keeping discouraging art creation.

  2. Good inside though on my thought in Kenya we have too many rules and regulations that limit creativity and also their too many licenses to pay for thus shun away upcoming talents

    1. Yeah, exactly but also put in mind that if people are given the freedom we tend to misuse it.
      But the rules are too much

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