When I look up, the sky is bluish and scanty. I tend to imagine how it will rain before the end of such a freaky day.

The morning of mourning as the world bends to bow in respect of the turned down, the departure of the one and for all, the late honorable Kennedy Okoth.

He advocated for equality, respect and giving back to the society, improvement of infrastructure and social amenities in favor of the less fortunate yet blessed to live, the humble civilians of the famous Kibra slums.

It’s heartbreaking and saddening to hear of the demise of such pretty souls who cared for humanity and lived to love others, selfless and kind enough to bend too low for others to enjoy.

What a great loss! The world is taking away the richest people, not riches of wealth but full of humanity and equality, but why? Why such young visionary leaders? Why now?

It makes me wonder, I mean its absurd.

The good die young, the rude live long, why?

Anyway, its life, may the late rest in eternal peace.

To the rest of the world, whether you are good or bad, it doesn’t matter in His eyes, the Lord is for us all. So, what are you doing to help the suffering neighbors? What is your impact to the society? If for any case, you will die, and God forbid, what will make people remember you?

Get the challenge, it’s never about what will people remember you for, it’s what will make you go in peace and happy.
No matter what you do to your colleagues, remember one day you will miss them as they miss you, keep doing minor things that impact greatly at the end of the day in favor of humanity. It never about death, it always about how you lived.

As a fraternity and loyal civilians, we’re sharing the loss of the departed hero, the late, Hon. Kennedy Okoth.

May you rest in power

By Voke Spencer

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