Life has a funny way of making you meet different kind of people in the walk of life. Some people you admire, some you bond with, some help you than what you expected and mostly you learn a thing or two from them.

These bonds may last a lifetime some just a moment. Being all different ,you are exposed to all types of personalities that we are not allowed to judge because well, we are just humans and perfection will forever be doubtable.

Society worships and graces the loud person mostly because they are outspoken and can speak their minds out clearly. A gift. The fact that they can express themselves and be socially interactive in a manner they find suitable is relevant to everyone and we have to respect that.
This applies to the introvert in the room or wherever place you go and meet one. Introverts basically just feel more comfortable in silence than talking out. Its a way we all express and deal with things.

Being the silent one in the room most days attracts more attention than expected because everyone wonders what he or she is thinking. That type of curiosity is great but that’s just how introverts are. People mistake them for being cold, shy, rude, serious, secretive which is perception taken all wrong.

Most introverts like space, and their time. We are more of thinkers than talkers. If there is a matter that really requires us to speak then trust me we’ll add up if its really necessary. Most Introverts are not shy, they are actually really confident people when you get to know them. Which might be hard because only a few people get to see the real them, and if they get comfortable with you then lucky you because they’ll welcome you to a world you had no idea existed.

Being an introvert is not a weakness as most people perceive, its a personality, its a strength, its a lifestyle. It’ll be rude to ask anybody why do you talk so much? But nobody sees the mistake in being questioned why are you so quiet?. This is enough to tell you how society works and thinks. But we shouldn’t be defined by others let alone someones thoughts.

Give an introvert a topic he or she is interested in and watch them not go quiet. Introverts are really selective in what we engage in and if they feel it wont add up anything they will certainly speak up to let you know. Introverts recharge by needing their space and time alone compared to extroverts who recharge by talking or being around people.

We should all respect both. Being different doesn’t mean the other is more powerful than the other or that one should take advantage of the other. Your actions define you, you might as well want to do the right actions.

Get to know and respect people as they are. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and this makes the globe a vast place to be. These differences are what make us be human otherwise if the world was full of the same people, behaviors and characters there wont be anything fun to live about.Express yourself as you wish and respect how others express themselves. Its a quiet world, a quiet harmony and we like it here!

By Vivian Khanyanji

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