I always have a thirst,

That can only be quenched,

By living in this Paradise.

Life is like sand house by the shore,

Tides come and destroy them,

But their traces are left,

Right here in our very hearts,

Where time and sorrow can’t erase them.

No one else holds the heavenly beauty like you do,
a paradise that should be guarded by not just me,
but by Angels who see the charm in you.

I’d spend every second holding you,
beside and on you,
If you’d let me, love be with you,
I’d guard your life like it were my own.

Like a queen I’d dress you,
like my lady I’d address you,
like the love of my life I’d kiss you,
hold you in my arm and love you,
day after day.

The moments I’ve spent with you,

Are not comparable to any,

If there is no hope,

Then let’s create it,
Love gives life; It doesn’t take it,

You’ll forever live in my heat,

You’re the Queen of my heart,

The reality of my dreams,

So give me the chance,

To adore you with my life.

To my beloved.

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