Humans tend to have a pattern of how they run their life-like a cyclical routine, which isn’t bad because it shows how organized and responsible one is and the reverse seen otherwise.

But this only works on some part of our lives for when applied in love, that’s where you will hear phrases like ‘huyu msee ni mboring’,’ it’s over’ even when you thought you guys had it all and saw yourselves as a perfect couple.

Relationships aren’t that complicated as some put it but are a bit tricky and come with their challenges that when not careful, one may end up in many with no success.

What people do not understand is that in a relationship, parties should not have a predictable life; where everything is put in the open and the partner gets to know every move of the other without straining.

This kind of life becomes boring and unromantic and for ladies, you may end up losing that prince-charming of yours because you ‘timetabled’ everything and he got bored over it. Predictable life is what births dramas and naggings for you will be constantly questioning and complaining about some behaviors you’ve noticed and rudely try to correct them.

This is where control ‘freaks’ lie. These genders don’t like these traits and who forcefully try to change them, they are humans full of blood and emotions too. So you will get a relationship with ‘toughies’ won’t last long. This where unpredictability is recommended.

Unpredictable life is a life full of surprises. Keep surprising that guy with events, sometimes make him pretend to like something just to please you, at times change his way of looking at things, teach him new things, in short, come up with something different all the time.

Each day should come with its things and keep on surprising him to the point he gets to learn a new thing about you even after feeling he already got loads of details about you and your operations. This also applies to the gents. It doesn’t mean you should fake yourself to him or her, do not get me wrong here.

Unpredictable life is fun and a relationship based on this tends to last longer for imperfections and one’s flaws are not objected but received positively and no one judges the other, and the bond tends to be stronger for partners are free to express to each other.

So when asked about my opinion, unpredictable life it is!

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