Opinion Byte; Is the government testing it’s Machinery?

Curfew is in a few minutes and you are not any close to your door step, now you find yourself more worried of the curfew than the Corona Pandemic. Social distancing is nothing to be concerned of anymore as you desperately queue waiting for your daily means of transportation home.

But the wrath of the “Fanya Fujo uone” officers is now a bigger threat. Those you believed were your guardian angels on your way home have turned to be your guardian devils.

As we analyse the situation together we come to realise that the curfew is causing more threat towards the spread of Corona as we end up being crowded at bus stations and other essentials places just in a hurry to get back home .Furthermore it is ineffective in containing the virus because the virus can spread at anytime of the day.

Therefore we get to question why the government is taking such a reckless decision? Is there a hidden agenda other than just containing the COVID-19? A situation that can call for night curfew as we all know is when their is political unrest in the country and at the moment the country is bounded together more than ever before.

Then why the curfew? Has the government exhausted all other means in containing the spread of the virus? As a matter of fact, word on the street is that the government is putting more effort on those likely to be harmless and less effort on the big fish who flew the Virus to the country.

Our fellow brothers and sisters are being harassed just because they cannot afford a personal ride and a chauffeur to drop them at home on time. We believe the leaders who make decisions are aware of our country’s strengths and weaknesses.

we have poor transport system which cannot serve the entire nation and get each one of us at home on time unlike other developed countries where whenever a curfew is called the government provides transportation for it’s citizens to safety.

For the case of what happened in the Likoni ferry channel ,we have all witnessed the ruthless force the boys in blue used over innocent citizens. We are not at war, COVID – 19 is a health crisis and it should be approached in perspective to health measures and standards and not war tactical ways that are bringing more harm than good.

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  1. It’s 6:59:59pm call your friend and ask if they are already at home.
    # does corona virus spread in the dark?
    Bravo Birai.

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