Sharon ,Mevies and Melon (Photo :courtesy)

Results for DNA tests conducted on three Kakamega girls that are believed to have been switched at birth confirms that two out of the three are twins.

According to results released by Ahmed Kalebi of Lancet Kenya,it ascertains that Sharon Mitekwa and Melon Lutenyo are biologically identical twins and share identical DNA profiles showing 100% perfect match.

“With the 23 allelic loci tested show 100 per cent perfect match, which is consistent with the two being biologically identical twins,” a statement from Lancet read.

Rosemary Khaveleli Onyango is therefore the mother of Sharon and Melon with a compatibility of 99.999% probability.

However, Rosemary is excluded from being the mother of Mevies Imbaya. Rosemary raised Mevies and Melon believing they were her twins despite showing disputable physical differences.

On a similar test done on Angeline Omina Matias showed incompatible match of 13 out of 23 loci with Sharon who she raised as her daughter since her birth in 1999.

A mis-match of 3 or more considers a ground for exclusion for paternity.

Sharon, Melon and Mevies were born at Kakamega Hospital in 1999 where it is alleged that they were switched at birth.

According to Ms. Rosemary Onyango, she had earlier been informed of expecting triplets during her clinic visits. However, when she asked the nurses after delivery they said the doctors might have been wrong about triplets.

The girls connected in December through Facebook and Melon agreed to visit Sharon in Nairobi during April holiday.

According to Wilson Matias Mevies’ father , the girls still love each other and he hopes that they remain as sisters even after the results, moreover he wants them to go back to school and do their final examinations.

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