Most people will not be able to understand the struggle we go through as ladies during that time of the month, the pain and mood swings that come with what is expected to be just a cycle of the month.

The kind of pain that can interrupt your beautiful sleep get you out of bed at 3am and take you to the kitchen to bake.

Baking is my passion but not a normal thing to do at such weird hours of the night especially just because you want to get distracted from what you feel within. I don’t curse being a woman in fact I think it is such a blessing if I can overcome such believe there is nothing else impossible to overcome.

Well I end up posting this beautiful work of my hands to my WhatsApp status and hide the pain with beautiful caption and a couple of smiling emojis.

My inbox gets flooded with many praising my skills, asking for a bite, some even encourage me to start a bakery “Shamim you really great in this let’s start business” yes! I want to do all this someday, but not because of pain, but out of love.

If I am to rate it in a scale of 1 to 10 I give it an 11, I believe that can give my fellow male friends an idea of what we beautiful creatures undergo when they are not around, believe her when she says its that time of the month and she doesn’t want to see anyone more so you.

It drives us crazy to say things that we even don’t think twice about just understand us.

Baking is not the only thing I have ever done in the middle of the night, other times I find myself reading novels, writing poems or even “getting fit”. I believe my neighbors have a nickname for me though gladly they will never mention in my presence.

Am just a drop of water in the ocean, I know there are many more ladies like me who go through tough moments even worse. We get disrupted from normal duties or miss a good slumber for a couple of days in every month just because we are women and there is nothing we can do about it because being a lady is not by choice.

We have to man-up and face it. All we ever ask is a little understanding, a little caring and a little love.

Sometimes even the self-medication remedies such as Cuddle a hot water bottle, exercise e.t.c may not be effective enough to help us heal physically and emotionally during such times, we need a shoulder to lean on and have someone to talk to and be listened.

I might still be single but lucky for me I have a big sister who listens to me and gives me company during such times.

With your feedbacks and comments will help greatly in writing Part two of My days

As narrated to Birai

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13 thoughts on “My period mood swings make me bake at 3 am

  1. So it’s that serious
    ??. We men also go through a lot when your Lady suddenly changes into some beast because ‘it’s that time of the month’ but then it’s a story for another day

    1. @Mr.Orucho I guess it’s the pain that drives them nuts so they end up acting abnormal though it will be good if you too share from a man’s perspective what is it always like….

  2. It can be that nagging at times,I always end up hating people at that time for no good reason because my mood swings take the better part of me.??

    1. Sorry for that, and just curious to know how does close friends and maybe your boyfriend react back? And how do you wish people treated you?

  3. My period mood swings make me to be an extremeky sweet person and more hyper?????I usually have more dopamine release, a hormone that makes people happy.

  4. Periods make me mad. I can just be mad at everybody for no reason but it depends. At times you can be happy, quite just varies.

  5. Talk about mood swings. It hurts to an extent of being buried under the bed feels like the safest place to be…
    I have a friend who can’t endure the pain, it takes her to an extent of getting an injection for it…do u think that’s safe??

    1. Hae Rachel we truly appreciate getting your feedback, about the medical part the writer will discuss it in part 2 of the story, stay tuned for more.

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