A smile on my face,
lipstick perfectly placed,
it’s time to impress.
Dress longer than my legs,
hair heavier than my head,
pretty is hard to get,
but Misses are all beautiful.

Giving up is not in my head,
all the way from the start to the end,
’till the runway becomes my friend,
I’m the best on stage,
If not me then all of us because Misses are all beautiful.

It takes courage to stand tall and smile for you and them,
and everytime I’m turned down by them,
mocked by you, I don’t fall I don’t pretend,
I wipe the tears and try again,
I come back better until you see the beauty inside, a gem,
my win will eventually come just like the rest in the game,
because Misses are all beautiful.

Every win is a blessing,
tears are lessons,
every crown is cherished,
because pretty can sometimes be expensive,
and Misses are all beautiful.

By Winniecheryl

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