When everything goes silent,
when birds chirp slowly in a rhythm,
when it’s finally evening,
and I’m finally done with classes,
I stop.

I stop to feel the need for you,
to gather the courage of loving you,
to appreciate the moments you reach out to me,
to convince my mind that I’d be good for you.

And those days that there’s just you,
In my phone and face, only you,
when it’s just you that I meet on the way,
I question myself for not being with you.

You smile like an angel of peace,
and when we hug that’s all I feel,
you walk my way and I see the love,
you talk and I can’t pretend to be blind.

If I could make love my slave,
I would have freed your heart of this burden,
I’d open the cage and choose a match for you again,
because my heart is too reluctant to open the gate.

Love is a perfect knowledge game,
you choose your partner of interest,
and of all players you chose me,
me who hates the rules of the game.

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2 thoughts on “Love is a game

  1. Wow, this piece got me. Feeling all kinds of butterflies in my stomach.. And ofcose remember Nimechoka song by Kelechi nice piece

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