Love and relationships have a less meaning to many

There is a spark of ignition from within some campus teenagers once they spot Mr. and Miss handsome and beautiful respectively. One feels awakened from the world of slumber as the hormones cause body excitement and irritation. That kind of excitement that can give you energy to run 10 km race in less than an hour! The blood warms up as the rate of beating increases as this love birds sight each other. Some will describe it as ‘magic kind of feeling that brings in satisfaction and enthusiasm’.

Most a times, we will meet people in pairs along the campus Corridors. Whatever they will whisper to each other as they walk side by side holding hands in an envying manner. I know not. I am just
like you-eager to know and steal their conversation by walking closer to them.’ooh babe, you’re the best. You’re the first and the last thing that came into my life and changed me; and filled my
heart with love. I love your hair. I love your swag. Nikikuona aki mi huishiwa tu! I love you bla bla bla…’ All they care is to tell you a lot of sweet for nothing words.

Sometimes it makes sense though. Some relationship have been planted on good ground. Watered day in day out by the little action they show each other. While a few will be looking forward to securing
themselves a future husband or wife , others will be busy having fun with anyone they come across with so long as outer beauty is the main thing in the checklist.

Campus is where a number of couples will take their love to clubs; drink all night and drag each other to their areas of resident. Students indulge in infidelity, adultery, drug abuse and crime. Most of these
student will care less of the kind of person they relate to. The circle of friends is that with negativebenefits.

Lately , there have been a number of cases where student in campus fight, kill each other and commit suicide in the name of love. Day in day out we hear of females and males fighting over a person of the
opposite gender. It has reached a point where love and relationships have a less meaning to many.

It is time we understand the roots of love. Learn how it operates so that we can avoid the misconception and the bitterness that might be caused by the vices that can come forth due to love and relationship.

By Linguist Bella

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