It’s not that easy as it sounds. Its more of a painful truth that you’re trying to feed your mind and soul.But it just doesn’t just happen in a day, it takes months,years hell sometimes it takes a decade to simply let go of anything you considered so much dear to you.

Some days you believe you are okay and you have outgrown this feeling but one sunny afternoon in the month of August it all hits you one more time and you realize how not okay you are.

Most days we hold on because in the back of our heads we still have some sort of hope without admitting it out loud,we hold on because we feel some situations and people deserve one more time….one more time to disappoint you,one more time to change, one more time to build your hope up, one more time to have your heart broken twice. But this is build up in your mind and not them that everybody deserves a second, fifth chance and so once again under a thousand stars and no full moon they’ll disappoint you as you had expected.

Moving on isn’t that easy or letting go, you don’t just wake up one Monday and forget your favorite weekend ever or your favourite person who you could never get enough of, or forget the one person who understood you so much better. You don’t move on that fast to a past that has made you, taught you, embraced you or loved you.

It comes along gradual. I cant promise that it’ll be fast,it will hurt and burn you alive that’s for sure until one time your life has moved by so fast and you haven’t thought about them or a scenario of the sort for three weeks and two days now.

There will always be a “but” because its now a past in you BUT you need to move on, start from scratch again, start from step one again with a whole different person, job, friends,environment. And life, well life is messy that it will force you to actually move on,probably wont let you forget what you lost but it simply assures you that you’ll move on and things go your way but these sketches, glimpses, cracks are just laid back set ups reminding you you need better,it wasn’t for you darling, well for now at least.

We all have to let that feeling go because we deserve better than having to torture your mind on something we have no control over.

You have to move on! It will take all your might, strength sometimes all you have.At some point you’ll let go because its the only option you have.Re-living these days wont add anything to your present self. Don’t rush it though these feelings don’t visit for long.

I hope you embrace new chances, new opportunities, new days of having to meet another group of friends, maybe another Liam.Whatever goes isn’t meant for you and if it does come back, well hello fate!

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