People say friendships are underrated, I don’t know about you but yes friendships are underrated. Most times we take them as things that come and go but rarely do we know that some bonds are so rare, very rare until you lose that person or cut off some strings that you’ll know the importance.

Every friendship has a story .If you listen carefully these people probably know you better than the person you are. How you met as strangers in a public transport, that quiet person not willing to talk in a discussion group, in a bank where the line was just too long for you to keep quiet all the way to comforting a stranger in a burial, to wrong text messages and phone calls. A thousand ways and moments that have grown to some of the best friendships in life.

Its never really about the beginnings though but more of what comes after. Can you cope with their long silence? Can you endure their nasty temper? Their imperfections that really get to the better part of you? The poor time management skills they gladly have, their craziness that pops up anytime? Their daily tiny insecurities they carry around every day? Their unbearable extroverted or introverted sides?

Sometimes just sometimes, these friends turn out to be the best thing that happened to you because they’ve walked with you in journeys you probably wouldn’t have made on your own. They’ve been your stronghold in times of despair and they only know the sound of your cry, that you’ve survived the worst fights and friendship breakups that have hurt beyond narration.

Some of the best moments in life they’ve been there and even though you might lose them at some point in life, you are left with permanent memories, a friend’s trust that can never be betrayed. In some way, this friendship is your everything and at that moment its a lot but some are actually worth the struggle of you not breaking these bonds yet sometimes it’s wise to let go.

People are different and we can never really rhyme in most things, religion, beliefs, status, ethics, morals, personality, likes and dislikes, so yes these differences and imperfections do tag along with a price. It’s a fine line between sanity and profound love that some boundaries will have to be heard of or the latter appreciated.

Some days life doesn’t care and so you’ll cut them off because of your one, two, personal reasons or the fact that they are toxic and their changed behaviors couldn’t match your madness.

A boundary was crossed, a line became too thin, trust was broken, your heart was betrayed. Painful yeah? But chances have an end and you can tolerate only as much as you wish but these wishes fade too and so everybody cant tag along the way they used too. Some turn to be your foes, low key hating on your tiny progress, backbiters, others your doom. They know too much and they know the right buttons to press to kill.

Everybody cant come that’s for sure, you’ll be forced to drop friends, a few people who don’t rhyme with you at this stage and cut them off. Face it. Some are toxic and you cant manage it. Your growing and part of maturity is not tolerating a lot from people, circumstances force you, it’s inevitable but some walls need to break down while others tower tall ,so yes everybody cant come, everybody cant tag along the way they used too.

Friend zero once told me ‘People are not replaceable, however when it comes to the position they hold in your life, then they become replaceable.’ So much painful truth in that statement. It’s not about your pride or ego or busy life or low effort, no. It’s about peace and growth that only you know from your own angle and view, perspective, sometimes it’s for the better part of both parties.

So hold on to the few who call you at 2am laughing loud because they can’t laugh alone at that time, to the ones who are so consistent it scares you, to the insane crazy adventurous ones, to the messy ones who are perfect in their imperfections, to the ones you truly treasure because they need you more but mostly because these friendships are tiny families within us. They make and break you and having so much power in one sentence sounds amazingly weird!

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  1. This is the best thing I have read today. Every bit of it gave me flashbacks and reminded me of some of my frienships.
    I love it.Thankyou for being my friend

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