Is it clout chasing? Pritty Vishi at it again!

Pritty Vishi / Image courtesy

Valentine’s day is a season of proclaiming love and showering our beloved with affection. Content creator Pritty Vishy wasn’t left behind.

She took to her Instagram to show love to her ex Stivo Simple Boy after posting a photo of them with the caption “To our online in laws ata nyinyi mnaona ni valentine’s (You can actually see it’s valentine). Anyway happy valentine’s day jaherana (my love).”

Back in January, Pritty Vishy announced their break up after 3 years of dating via social media. Stivo Simple Boy Responded to the post with “usivunje ndoa yangu tafadhali, mi Niko welo welo nalishwa mapocho pocho uku siko soko niache tu (don’t break my marriage please. Am enjoying life and not in the dating scene”

The post comes just days after Stivo introduced his wife Grace Atieno during his father’s funeral. To a section of Kenyans online, the post is seen as yet another strategy to stay relevant through clout chasing.

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