“I cannot date someone who cannot give “IT” to me or what is a relationship without sex?” These are the statements I have heard over and over again and I wonder, does it get more controversial for a lady who isn’t ready for sex or a gentlemen who has heed the pastors message ‘sex till marriage’ ? I know some of you will find it funny but should they be bound to singlehood and enslaved to ‘you aren’t ready for relationship statements?

According to Susan Sarandon, a psychologist many teens, feel pressure to have sex before they are ready. Peer pressure drive many teens into being sexually active at a very tender age.

Universities for instance, at this technological era, when you meet a girl or a boy who tells you that they haven’t gone down that road, what would be your first reaction? Some of us will just shove them off for joking about it, most of us will ask whether they normal or not.

My friend, Mary dated someone for a whole year. She wasn’t ready for it or rather she was afraid but to be honest she said her relationship wasn’t a smooth roller coaster. It was like it was hanging on the top and they were facing upside down waiting to fall hard. Most of the times they would argue and one statement drove her off ‘If you not ready for sex what are we doing?’ Baby girl chill until marriage, that was her awakening point, I asked myself was it all about getting it or was it about falling in love?

We have one way or another justified every part of life and everyone seems to be correct, to be hurt, and to be loved. We have made decisions out of the ‘everyone is doing it phrase’ .Our children have forgotten that failure is a part of life and should be embraced to impact positivity in attitude and strategy to be better. It’s funny how everyone on Social media is rich, fancy and good in everything, our realness has become a story of the past.

I think it’s time we talked about making our sisters, brothers and children ready for some emotional issues like sex, relationship and social media. Most of times we are not taught critical thinking and decision making skills to help us cope with sensitive issues that youths especially teenagers want to illuminate and bring to light. We are only taught being an A students, and never on such issues like when to be ready for sex and relationships.

I cannot remember the last time I heard, he is my king, He waited for me to be ready or this lady was patient with me. We are always running to find the best or to eat where food is handed to us and I am still asking is it all about getting it?

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10 thoughts on “Is it all about sex?

  1. Your words are a revelation of what the very lost society hold onto. Minds have been corrupted to think sex is the base for successful or a rather smooth relationship which is not really the case. Good article dear.

  2. Sex seems to cloud the minds of teens world wide and the experimentation is done at so young ages that you tend to wonder where as a society we went wrong. I loved to pick your mind on this, good indulgence. Do more research on all involved teens, parents, church and so on to get full picture.

  3. This is the sad truth that we have to live with if no one talks about it openly.Surprisingly,its very evident
    that nowadays without sex .. that’s not a relationship..or rather a brother sister relationship..Very absurd..keep it rolling Dear!

  4. the sad truth is in this era love is defined by sex and its so sad, the core values of true love are slowly fading. Thank you Brenda for highliting this….

    1. Am really worried about the next generation, if such matters are not brought to the lime light and actually talked about,

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