As utterly as this sounds ridiculous give it a minute thought

Why do you hide behind words?
Most days I want you to say what you truly mean
What you truly feel, even though its ridiculous
And chances of you getting judged are high
But these words don’t get filed

I’ll be much better when honesty becomes your potion
That you’d be you and stand up for what you believe in
This is what I want you to fully live for
Tell them whats on your mind
And if they like it
Then maybe they’re on your side

Please don’t retype these words, don’t edit them
Send them because these words will make or break you
Whats the worse that can happen?
Somehow it’ll sharpen you better
I wish you’d text her
Pride aside she’s online
Your ego wont talk but these words and silence will
Tell her about this massive crush
Tell him congratulations even after the heartbreak
For his new business, I know you better
He should too

Send that paragraph fueled with anger and venom
Because you can’t take it no more
You cant hide it.
Your not a master piece, not perfect either
I need you to heal and move on
I need you to get a piece of mind

Send it, get it all out of your chest.
And if these feelings are too heavy
Drop them, quit that job, cut them off
Because you’re better than half ass things
I need you to continue writing,
don’t let this creativity go to waste
I crave the thoughts in your mind
I need those words
Someone needs to hear your words
Say it all!

By Vivian Khanyanji

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