Brother, I saw education,

Hurrying across the subway,

Walking along the highway,

Bumping into people,

Who shoved him violently.

Brother, I saw education,

Waving frantically at people,

Who turned their heads and spit at him,

Who threw insults at him,

Who warned him to keep .

Brother, I saw education,

Shouting out at someone,

Who had tar in his ear,

Who had lead in the head,

Who hid behind nothing.

Brother, I saw education,

And he gave me a letter,

Written in red,

‘Someday, you will feel my absence’,

‘Someday, you will remember’

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2 thoughts on “I saw education

  1. Brother, I saw education ,
    And said to me,
    Educating the mind ,
    without educating the heart
    Is no education at all.

    1. Great piece indeed, education has been exchanged with mere papers that people buy in corridors and behind closed office doors.
      The only legit degree now is the temperature degree

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