I was thirteen when I became a victim of violence related to homophobia. A group of at least thirty guys summoned me in the school arboretum and they had formed a circle, they threw me in the middle, surrounded me and rebuked me.

Since I can remember, people have always pointed out that I look like a girl, that I behave like a girl and that some features of my body are feminine. So on this day this guys summoned me and harassed me because I was not ‘man enough.

When I called my mum, she reported to school the next day and after a meeting with the deputy principal they came to a conclusion that I should behave like a ‘boy’ and even questioned if indeed I was having sexual relations with guys in school.

From that day ,I have had a series of attacks both physical and verbal because of features that are beyond my control.

I am a bit embarrassed because most LQBTQ+ folks have gone through worse but I really felt the urge to share this. When I have conversations about sexuality with people, I’m overwhelmed by the phobia, intolerance and prejudice that is shown towards LGBTQ+ folks.

How would you react if that person you deeply care about came out to you? Would you call them a faggot? Would you rally a mob to stone and beat them up to death because it is ungodly, not natural and it goes contrary to your cultural beliefs?

Truth is people like me exist and they can be a sibling, a friend or your child, this is something we can no longer ignore.
Instead of the patronizing and bigotry that is placed upon the LGBTQ+. Why can’t we unlearn unhealthy phobia’s and challenge our peers on LGBTQ+ platforms.

Culture does not make us, we make the culture. Nobody deserves to go through what the minority have gone through because of cultural oppression. Every individual has the ability to become a liberator or an oppressor.

I believe as a race we can only thrive in an environment where we are all equal and free to express ourselves in any form we feel most comfortable and most happy in.”

Homosexuality being a form of ones intimate relation should be respected. At the end of the day not you nor I have the power to change or control how one is supposed to live.

we involve ourselves in other peoples lives, literally destroying them. Most times we make more damage than intended. If at all one has chosen this path then why is it hard for you the audience and society to accept it.Who are we anyway?

Are we even human enough when we join hands and stand against them in violence? This is your best friend, your son, brother, coworker, human being just like you and me.

We all have different views on homosexuality and the same way your decision is respected is the same way homosexuals deserve to be treated right and respected.

Their views and ideas matter and above all people should stop being judgmental. If you express hatred to a problem that has no valid or logic solution then its really not worth airing it out.

The world has brought and cornered these people that now its more of a secret than a sin. Have we thought that this is who they are? They are more themselves this way and who are we to change them?

Nobody questions why you’ re straight because that’s what society has taught us and sometimes well maybe society is wrong. Its more attractive to follow what you believe in whether people stand by you or you stand alone.

Besides why do we even give it much thought when we could think of better things in life to solve instead of focusing on other people.

When we force them to lay low and not express themselves we carry a hidden shadow beneath us thinking we are helping them out but really we are sending them to a depressive state probably leading to death.

If one is born looking like the opposite sex, he or she has no power to change that. We do have power though to stop shaming, laughing and criticizing them in the streets, public transports and places.

Before you shame them and drag their self esteem low maybe you should get to actually know them. Most are actually the best people in life, with dreams and visions worth listening too. If you can accept yourself the way you are, then you can accept someone else too without any validation.

You are more human when you respect other people’s culture, traditions,beliefs,religion,race,ideas and thoughts.

We all differ and that’s what makes the world an interesting globe. If we were all the same with the same interests, thoughts and looks ,would we even go far?

The world is a globe and you being who you are is appreciated. You don’t have to change to please someone or impress anyone. Once you’re comfortable in your own skin and what you do that’s basically enough to you.

Be you, and when the world decides they’re ready to follow and accept you you’ll be far gone, you wont need any more perspectives, ideas, norms or their VALIDATION!! The world will adjust.

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7 thoughts on “Homosexuality; my story

  1. You are not alone. Been through the same; pressure from the family and society. It took courage for me to say yes that I’m gay, after years of hiding, scared of what will be, rejection. I came out to few of my friends and they gave me the support and love. I never gave up. Homophobia is just an excuse. No one would truly say why they hate a gay man or rather the broader members of LGBTQIA community

  2. Nice piece.. Everyone’s feelings should be considered.The society actually knows best to point fiqures at “ill-mannered behaviours”as it paints it. Without actually baring in mind that someone could be hurt by such..

  3. Never change who you are for anyone,not even for me.You don’t need anyone’s validity to be you,accept yourself completely. Let someone take you as you are,not who you were or who they think you are….and they’ll be yours truly.

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