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I hope one, one day-
Just one day,
You will learn to appreciate me
For who am and
For who I’m intending to be
Every single word you speak
Carries so much hatred towards me
No matter how much I try
To do things your way
No matter how much I strain myself
To take in all your insults and hatred
You’re too blind to see
The beauty in my African skin
Every time I see your call
Or your messages
I brass myself to take in your harsh words
Abuses and insults
In your phone, you’ve saved me as a
Black pot
Because according to you
My skin resembles the black pots
Your granny uses while cooking her veges

I am done!
I am done taking insults from you
I am done doing things your way
I am done crying every time I see your call
I am done crying every time I read your messages
I am done loving you
I am done being the good girl
I am done hiding my pain
I am done faking smiles in the streets
No more crying
No more tears
No more pain and sorrows

I am gone ‘baby’
And this time I am going for good
Until you learn to appreciate me
Until you learn to love me in my skin color
Until your learn how to talk to me
Until you learn how to control your anger
Until you learn how to say sorry
Until you learn that a woman deserves some respect
Until you learn to stop body shaming women in your circle
Till then
Goodbye love
Goodbye forever
Till we meet again

By Lucy Apiyo

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10 thoughts on “Goodbye love

  1. When I was going through this before it was published here, I didn’t know it was Lucy’s. This is a positive trajectory. Keep it up!

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