Girls who are both strong and soft

Girls who are both strong and soft are the advice-givers who some days have a piece of wisdom for you because they have had their share of lessons and experiences and wouldn’t wish to see you down the same path. They wouldn’t want to see you feel the pain they already have encountered. They will try and save you from such occurrences. They will do their best not to see you down that road.

Girls who are both strong and soft think more than they might speak. Words are sweet poison, also words are the cure to most things. They choose their words wisely because they know the impact that one word can have on someone. They are the thinkers that like to be at peace and quiet with solitude unless their validation is needed and mostly if their validation will have an impact.

Girls who are both strong and soft are good at hiding their pain through beautiful smiles. You will never know them just by their surface unless you swim into their deep waters. They mostly keep your happiness first before them. They are not trying to fix you but if they have the ability to make you happy despite their sorrow then why not?

Girls who are both strong and soft are ever giving chances to people, to life, to new opportunities because they have dealt with the pain and fear of not having any opportunity presented to them. People call them lucky, but its just preparation and opportunity crossing paths. They take chances and they fail miserably at it. They never give up on some things. Society mistakes them to be stubborn.

Girls who are both strong and soft never really give up. Pain has softened yet stiffened them, the pain has taught them the hard way, sorrow pushed them to their limits. They might not take your mere efforts presented to them as the bare minimum when you can unleash your potential instead. They are strong enough to know and demand what they know they deserve.

Girls who are strong and soft will outsmart you in so many ways but will keep still not to outshine you, not yet. They know first hand they still need to learn and unlearn a bunch of things so why not observe and learn from you. They can easily change their minds and beliefs from a new piece of information without contradicting their own idioms.

Girls who are strong and soft know that being strong and soft is not a weakness but a calm mastered art that cannot easily be swayed from them. Not even if you cross oceans for them, you simply cannot change a strong and soft woman. Society rants and testifies how weak they are all in the name of being Naive.

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