Far West in the far East
Was a place I called home
For a few visits of a coupled moons trodding right on another
It made me lose touch to gunda¹
Scenes are just memorable if you are a witness
For victims too witnesses; lose taste of sight and curse the very little arrays stuck on them

Conceiving in me a minced ideas: one a perfect describe of another;
Literature and love
In me farness drove a urge to describe so distinctly and close
So by my pen i became a painter
Of every visible memory and fitting on Ataturk’s² bloody boots;
I chose to write of history unexperienced and of life i rubbed shoulders with not
Let mine so distinct revelations of attrious drawings of love and her tail sugar coated; an evening taste of honey seek an appeal
Let the ‘for fame’ feminists describe my poems a criticism of themselves for i hate to praise women who can’t love by noon and by sunset

By my sight and whirlled mind exists a battle font
Where lies wrestles truth and desire for my yester dream seeks to be replicated now or on tomorrow’s now
I am restless seeing this generation so satisfied
-For no more die of hunger-
And our leaders so committed to service
– Of late my ear has been dumb to the once daily corruption scandals-
And the economy so much flourishing
– The dollar keeps rising, the shilling keeps dropping-
– isn’t inferior adorable? –

If i ever broke your heart
You who ascended Sagarmatha³ for me
Then i must package myself for sorry
Gloomy and in hate declare love a disaster not to be fought but embraced in totality
She who raised the Union Jack ; Sorry, we just gained a theorified independence and now have colored cloth for a National flag and a baseless Anthem!
Out, proud to no longer bear a Patriotic honor
For it comes a time that good looses taste; What i have become
Or was it adorable fot Rudyard Kipling¹² to submerge to thoughts of Social Darwinism?

_¹ A Luo word for the main buildings location now deserted but bearing the ruins or symbol of once the centrality of a homestead

² Turkish statesman who abolished the caliphate and founded Turkey as a modern secular state (1881-1938

³Sagarmāthā was one of the fourteen zones of Nepal until the restructuring of zones into provinces. Sagarmāthā is a Nepali word derived from सगर् meaning “sky” and माथा meaning “head”

¹²Joseph Rudyard Kipling was an English journalist, short-story writer, poet, and novelist. Most known for his novel If_

Cover Model : Mbuli Ringo [Model &Vocalist]

                ©Julias Arkadi

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