Express your frustrations silently, Kositany tells ODM

By Edmond Kipngeno
Uasin Gishu county

Soy Member of Parliament Caleb Kositany has now asked the ODM party members never to take the nation into streets to protest if there are any rifts in the handshake deal.

Kositany was speaking today in Eldoret during the launch of AIC Fellowship church strategic plan.

Kositany says the Orange Democratic Movement political leaders are very bitter with how things are unfolding in the handshake and Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

“Some statements they made were very scary, when somebody states that there was no Kenya before 2018 and now they feel that they have been betrayed, they feel that things have fallen apart,” said Kositany.

He has now advised the politicians never to take the nation into street battles citing the nation is peaceful and cannot afford to be reverted back to dark days of political intolerance.

Kositany now wants the ODM party leaders to use preferred channels to express their displeasures.

“If you feel that something is never adding up, do not mourn more than the bereaved, do not feel that you have been betrayed by Jubilee more than us who voted for Jubilee, please stick to peaceful negotiations,” added Kositany.

He cites that the handshake was never inclusive but done in dark and now the parting ways with the ODM leader Rt Hon Raila Odinga should also be done in silence.

In the just concluded Kabuchai and Matungu by-elections, Kositany acknowledged the results though he pointed out that it was marred with chaos.

According to Senate Minority leader Senator James Orengo, there are people on government who want to sabotage the handshake deal.

Orengo now says those characters are undermining the deal and should keep off.

On his side Rarieda Mp Otiende Omollo rubbished that there are those who want to hijack the handshake.

He noted that the handshake is a good thing and was never about two people.

“Handshake was good thing, it is not about two people, introducing other foreigners is never good,” said Omollo.

According to the ODM party National assembly Minority leader, they will shift out if their matters are not handled well and intruding into the BBI secretariat.

“Kibicho is causing political constipation and we are not afraid of telling him that, we shall abandon BBI if the work of BBI secretariat is being meddled,” said Junet Mohammed.

This comes as the ODM party leader Raila Odinga is set to make major announcements today at Kamukunji grounds in Nairobi to address on the same matter concerning whether there is cracks in the handshake agreements.

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