I sat at the table focused on whatever story I was searching for in the books. My eyes were sour and my neck stiff from concentration on the white paper. The light from the translucent library roof reflected on the paper making it unbearable for my eyes. I straighten and stared at the potted plants on the upper floor as they seemed to dance to some forgotten music. The sight seemed magical. The little wind ruffled the leaves as the light caught on the green leaves and bounced back making everything stunning.

As I dragged my eyes off the plants, my eyes fell on the most beautiful sight I have ever beheld. On the upper floor where the stairs wasn’t continuous giving me a view of a section of the reading area. Sitting carelessly on a chair with an air of arrogance about him was the most handsome guy I have ever seen. His eyes sparkled as if it reflected some hidden light, his hair dark, short cropped and shining.

His lips twitched as if ready for a smile, even when sited I could see he had a good height and was heavy built. I was intent on gazing at him that I didn’t realize I was gaping at him.

He suddenly lifted his head from whatever he was reading and his gaze fell on me. We held each other’s gaze for a while before I ducked my head and went back to my books. All I could see was the brown of his eye. My new friend,(am new here), had noticed my distraction, she saw what caused it.

She inched her head closer to mine, “He is in our class of psychology,” she said.I pretended not to hear.” Hey don’t pretend I saw you stare at Max, but listen don’t think about it he rarely pays attention to any girl, he thinks he is so gorgeous and none us is fit for him, ” she lamented. Her tone told me I am not the only one who saw the beauty in him.

We switched to gossip on all the crushes he had in class and how he rarely acknowledged any girl, which was bad for me. I learned that he liked jogging in the morning using specific routes and played
basketball. I was grateful for Anne, at least I felt like I know him now. We left the library and headed to the cafeteria, I glanced up but he was gone, I followed Anne out. We went and ordered fresh juice
and buns that were nothing close to sugary which was good for me.

We joined several girls probably Anne’s friends. I searched the cafeteria for him, I had this strange feeling and I knew it wasn’t any good. I saw him out the corner of my eye, he grabbed orange juice and
sat down on a corner by himself. I had this crazy feeling of going over to him. I stood up grabbed my juice and went over, I didn’t wait for him to invite me to sit down so I did so on my own. I saw a few heads turned our way expecting me to be humiliated sooner or later.

I quietly sat opposite him waiting for what I understood not. He looked up from his phone and found me watching him intently, taking in every feature of him. At one point I thought he would leave but
instead he sipped slowly at his juice. I was getting uneasy but decided to play it cool. He must have noticed the anxiety on my face because I saw a little smile on his face, he was enjoying my nervousness.

I bit my lower lip and waited, counting seconds in my head. I don’t know what I was expecting him to do but somehow I hoped he would do something. He dipped his head a little so he could talk without
drawing attention to us and I relaxed into a comfortable yet keen angle to catch his every word.

“Didn’t they tell you I don’t like company, and girls like that more than anything ,” he said more as a statement than a question. ” Yeah I guess I heard them say that, but I came anyway and am sitting here whether you like it or not, tolerate that or get somewhere else ,” I spat out holding his gaze long enough. He sat back and I saw a smirk on his face, he still looked gorgeous that way and I hoped he wasn’t going to move away. He instead leaned in again and held his hand out, “hi am Max, “he said. I
took his hand into mine lightly and smiled,” I am Ari.” He smiled silently and shook his head, ” I have a few friends and I think having you as one won’t be an issue, you look tough enough.” I beamed at him. I
knew in my heart that am falling in love with Max. He could sense it but played cool.

Days started running fast, but a problem rose, Max started disappearing once in a while. It’s not that he is my man yet but our friendship was grown and my feelings were running deep too, I could also see
warmth in his eyes when he looked at me. I was concerned about him and his safety, but he merely shrugged it off. Our college was far from town and surrounded by an artificial forest, it used to be a special hospital before it was closed down.

I knew something was wrong but I couldn’t get it together. He avoided that subject at any cost. I didn’t want to risk ruining our friendship yet I knew I wanted to know what was going on. Things were falling
apart when people started whispering behind our backs.

” Please Max, tell me what you are up to, if truly you value our friendship, these people are getting on my nerves, ” I pleaded. He looked taken back, he drew in a deep breath and looked into my eyes
making me feel the heat all over me. The intensity of that look made me feel weak at my knees. “Ari, before I tell you that, I want you to know that I love you and will never hurt you, ” he breathed.

I almost fainted, “Did I hear you right?” I asked thinking I was hearing things. “Yeah, I love you, Ari, since the very first day, l love you, “he said. I sat down because I was too weak to stand. He bent down on one
knee and I smothered his face with kisses drawing him closer in a tight embrace. I couldn’t worry about anything right now, he was mine, I breathed in his earthy scent so deeply I couldn’t get enough of it.

“I love you too, Max, ” I said, sealing my fate with him. I knew I would love him through anything and everything. “Now, if you must know I am a werewolf, though I left my pack to try and seek a new life
when my mate died, she took a part of me, I decided to remain recoiled but you changed that, some of the students know because one of them saw me shift, there now you know,” he said searching my
reaction. I was overwhelmed beyond mere words, I knew I couldn’t turn my back on despite who he was. “Phew! That’s better just don’t bite me now, “I joked. We laughed, but he grew solemn again.

“Max, I love you, it’s better now I know but nothing changes, just let me get used to that fact, you know somehow I think am watching a fictional movie, and this two incredible news are just overwhelming,” I
said. He looked relieved, sighing heavily before resting his chin on my head. I knew I would love Max no matter what happens. We tucked together, summer holidays were here but I wasn’t eager to return home. I clung to him like a lifeline, as we listened to each others breath savoring the moment.

By Linguist Bella

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