Dear men have options,in all cases have options in your relationship

It’s very important to have options in your relationship whether married or not because, You are a woman’s lottery ticket.

Her life is full of hardships and survival demands. Her option is to get the best of options and cling to it or ensure it’s readily available to her.

For you, life will never be fair because you have to curve out everything for your sake (so she can ‘want’ to be with you) but most importantly for you.

Chris Rock once said “A man is as Faithful as his options.”
A woman is only as faithful as her needs

A woman who knows your options will readily argue with you to lose them because she knows they are a threat, guess what that does? Keeps her insecure n jealous so she keeps seeing you as the prize n gets afraid she’ll lose you.

She’ll have an issue with the chic doing your assignments or coming to your place for her book ,it’ll be why are these chics always in your DMs readily talking to you. Why is the neighbor here to clean up for you anytime you want her to? why do you always go to places A n B with that chic?

“If I lose my ability to catch fish you not gonna find me sexy no more, so You need to smell fish on me, so you can know I can still catch fish, so you can act right,” Patrice O’Neal.

There’s nothing criminalizing for having options, it’s the same thing as insurance. You don’t know abt tomorrow, you insure stuff so when shit happens you can easily lean on to sth.I have not said you cheat

A woman will always have options, she won’t say about or act like it but she knows if shit goes down she has 2 or 3 dudes she will depend on or fall to. It’s the class hubby, the neighbor fixing her bulb n shit, the friend who isn’t really your friend but you introduced her to, the guys she’s met.

She isn’t going to tell them she wants them, but she sure will ensure she keeps them hooked and wanting her. That’s mostly the reason for her obsession with her phone and social media.

This is why I’d never listen to a woman tell me about how to run my relationship. She (whether she’s my chic or not ) will imply it’s wrong to tolerate women in my dms but she’s doing the same with the men in hers, she wants me to stop flirting n talking to these chics bcz it’s threatening her.

As a man it will only be fair if I get her phone and tell her to delete all the men she’s talking to, esp those with laughing emojis n those constantly ‘meeting’ for sth .

How does she move on so fast??? With the guy you suspected !! and guess the story she’ll run with to everyone, he was there for her, gave her time n attention, you grew distant.

You doubted from a point about this nigga in her DMs.You argued about it n she’s constantly giving reasons n excuses for his sake!

Hear this, you’re a fool bro! Fimbo ya mbali haiui nyoka jameni, high chances your replacement is already in her DMs n has been there for a while na kamati ilikuwa inafanya verification, while you are thinking, I have a chilled chic, yeye hutulia kejani n mind her business on her phone.

Your wife’s obsession with her phone is really an obsession with keeping her options open.

If your girl is seeking male attention off the internet, your relationship isn’t solid. She’s keeping her options open, but will play it off like it’s no big deal whilst complaining you’re controlling.

Trust you me, if she spots a man better than you, with more money than you, more swag than you, nastier than you, with more power in any way than you. And she’s constantly in touch with him n he is showing her that he wants her.

She’ll stick around to find a way to put a blame on you for the failed relationship, meanwhile she’s packing her bags and getting herself ready for her next big thing. And every woman will support her, bcoz she’s happier now.

What will they say if it’s a man moving on, he is a cheating man, and treated her wrongly and caused her damage and left her after using her.

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5 thoughts on “Dear men have options,in all cases have options in your relationship

  1. Its wise to have options but in a relationship situation doesnt that mean you really don’t have faith? Hehe where is the loyalty the trust I think the way am understanding this is that you’ve been served food but you constantly looking at the menu. In simple terms?? will you even enjoy the meal at hand? Just being skeptical

  2. Well said and put. I think women have a huge part to play even if we put all the blame on men saying that they’re dogs. We sometimes forget snakes are Wilder.

  3. Awesome piece but really,allow me disagree abit.
    This will apply to where you feel unwanted and misused.
    In a situation you feel loved .take a leap of faith and make it worth while.
    I mean you never know.

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