Covid-19; We should learn to invest in our African countries

A world pandemic, COVID-19, has unearthed so much bringing with it it’s fair share of challenges share and lessons.

Although we have been hit hard economically, socially and even politically from its spread, there are a number of lessons Kenyans can learn from it.

Recently, there have been uproars on Africans in China being assaulted. This is uncalled for having in mind that, this is a global challenge that needs every bit of energy from everyone to beat it.

Africa is a continent full of brilliant minds and in most cases, the smartest of individuals often settle for the idea of advancing their skills and knowledge, by furthering their studies or seeking jobs in the 1st world countries. Majority of them end up leaving their African homes for good and resolving to start their new lives in these top world countries.

Few would come back home and use what they have acquired to develop their home countries. Gone are the colonial days where white nations were the only productive lands for any individual who would wish to better their lives.

Imagine how competitive and productive Africa would be if that African son would come back home and engineer the constitution of a product company. What of a daughter of the soil choosing to come back home and use her acquired skills to promote African foods to the world?

What if that husband would invest and come back home instead of abandoning his faithful and patient wife for the commonly termed ‘greener pastures’?

Africa is blessed, with food production in abundance. If only we can choose to invest our money in the 54 countries, that would be more than enough to make an individual consume over 100 varieties of meals. Unfortunately, we choose to be the very people discouraging each other from embracing our originality.

Meanwhile so much damage has been done but we can choose to learn from our mistake and make a fresh start.

Let’s advocate for home investments to make our homes productive and grow our economies. May this pandemic open up our eyes and when all this is over, may we learn and make wise decisions.

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4 thoughts on “Covid-19; We should learn to invest in our African countries

  1. Good observation for any Pan Africanist and anyone else with common sense. However, what’s the government’s role in all this? How shall sons and daughters of Africa invest back at home when public corruption and extremely high taxes provide a very unfavorable environment for investment? Probably you could assist us understand how we can maneuver around these evils and invest wisely. I also believe, just as you’ve observed, that if at all we’re feeding 75% of the world, then we must learn to invest in Agriculture more. It’s something our governments ignore and would rather invest in Manufacturing. Good thoughts Ms. Lubanga

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