My mother always asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up,
I’d smile and say, “Honestly”
I don’t wanna grow up.
My mother would stare at me like I just made that up, but at that tender age, I considered myself serious.
My imaginations at the time would have scenes like,
Superman from The justice league,
Batman of the Gotham city,
Bob wyre and Rassle the Underground King,
Mufasa and Simba of the lion king,
kirikou and the evil witch karaba which at the time was my thing, so at the time I never took life so seriously unlike magic Mike,
I grew up knowing to do what is right based on my understanding of what seemed right,
So growing up for me was such an uphill task, everyday learning from my wrongs how to do it right,
I always had troubles unmasking life that I thought was a walk in the park,
So when I turned 14,
I had No idea of what I wanted to be in life, I was only an aggressive Teen.
When I turned 15, I started my high school life with an illusion to embody somebody that would be looked up to by everybody,
My dad always wanted me to be like my elder cousin,
He was bright and had no school problems or any stress-related problems to his parents but to me,
That was pretty good but totally so unlike me,
It never worked for me because I had higher ambitions unlike my cousin,
Every time I’d do anything contrary to my father’s expectation, he would liken me to my cousin then probably end up cursing,
I mean even role models would have to face it rough so who do they look up to?
To mean that role models had someone they looked up to, so in such instances when I looked up to someone then I would only envision a quality about them that was resilient so as to be efficient.
At my age and him twice my age, my dad knew better,
How I only wish he would know me better,
But how could I be an Alpha male when he thought me Beta,
How could I explore my potential to the fullest when my peers could do even better,
Rebellious would I be described if I chose to be different,
What labels would I have on me that depicted by my differences,
Not to mean disrespect but being in someone else’s shoe was itchy,
Refusing to settle for less made my dad think am fishy,
That’s why I always did most of the work within,
I embarked on a journey to explore my better self so I journeyed within,
When I turned 18 I wanted to be an actor,
My ideal role model would be Jimmy Carrey of the Bruce almighty,
Leonardo de Caprio of the sunk Titanic and the wolf of the wall street,
So I would take roles in different scripts, see myself on a costume in different scripts,
Hoping that one day I’ll leave the movie, to start realizing my dreams,
So I was a dreamer,
I learned what it felt like to aspire to inspire multitudes charismatically,
I wanted to touch millions of lives with a style that came with a smile,
I wanted to be the change that I needed to see for a while so I took a stride to my first mile,
I wanted to prove to myself that I could be greater than my father’s wish,
So I said if I would step on a runway stage to inspire multitudes I would not only be a model but also a role model,
Then I would embody whomever I wished to be on every occasion that needed me to be me,
I would be somebody who would be looked up to by everybody,
Now am 23 my cousins look up to me,
Just the other day my cousin called, congratulating me for being featured in my first movie,
It wasn’t much but see, that moved me, and then I thought to myself,
What a wonderful world to be different and be embraced for that,
So to mean if I’d have chosen to fit in my cousin’s shoe probably I’d not have outgrown myself in his shoes,
So that would be uncomfortable, so choosing to be uncomfortable was comfortable,
So this is from me to you to bring you back to realizing what you have, no one else can replace you,
This is for everyone who has bigger dreams that no one can embrace,
That the beauties of our dreams belong to us that dream,
It’s okay to be different and indeed well to be misunderstood but when you make it to your dream; they’ll understand you inside your dream,
So keep dreaming and make sure that you dream bigger and make it right,
So this is for those who want to be role models and seek that from within,
We are all abundant beings having a human experience, Peace.

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