Fierce, bold and focused,
Head up high,
Garments on,
Prepared to face the opponent,
She’s not just a woman,
She’s an angry fighter, a warrior,
Her demeanor tells it all,
Young girl is unstoppable.

She’s a victim of war,
And female victimization,
Her desire is to revenge,
She isn’t afraid of the repurcussions,
“Women have rights, women must be respected!!”,
That’s her slogan,
Which she believes must be adhered to,
By all and sundry,
Not even elders can desist her from instilling this,
The young girl is unstoppable.

Early in morning before the damn,
Even before birds start singing the mellifluous melodies,
The young girl put on her stolen garments,
And hid in the nerd,
Which she prepared a day before,
Just to join the warriors,
When the war commences,
The young is unstoppable.

“My time has come, my time is now,”
Thought the young girl,
And impetuously got out of the nerd,
Spears on her back,
Arrows on the hand,
Eyes on the battlefield,
Her body swift as a hawk,
She played a great role in the war,
Everyone congratulated her,
She was given a vital position in the kingdom,
The head of warriors,
At the age of 20,
The young girl is unstoppable.

Last but still crucial,
Let’s all embrace and imitate the young girl’s character,
Bravity, concrete decision making and determination,
For that’s all what we need,
To survive and succeed,
And above all,
Let’s involve our maker in all our endeavors,

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