We had dipped our legs into the deepest ditches, and had been run on to by wild waters
We had tasted the bitter pill of sincere efforts to the wrong legion of people.
Long before we rediscovered our worth, time elapsed by,
The second chance we had in life came by and just like it had come; unknowingly, it departed
And with every East, we wallowed into wrong choices again and again till we were drown,
With images tainted in the best ways possible,
We detested chats, cancel meets and hate dates
We trusted not any longer the Lord’s prayer and doubted the phrases of the Holy books
We decided to roll on a coaster , hiding our emotions; sad as it came
Anyway, we ploughed efforts, trying to live the very fucked life earnestly
~Eunice Akinyi
(Writer; Graduate BA. English Lit. MMUST)

We were living the life anyway, in struggles and bitterness accepting our own courses. It was what we had chose and had to exist in it. Perhaps war and poverty too were a reason to celebrate and smile just like peace and wealth only that we were damn stupid to realize it this early. We lived a couple of lives. No one was sure of a sunrise, yes nobody. The poor were dying ‘their normal deaths’ and the bigwigs were dying their honorable deaths. Ain’t sure which of the two brands of the inevitable course was more favorable for it never allowed us to taste.Perhaps that ain’t true, perhaps death was much sweet and adorable than life, perhaps death supposed a celebration. But who knew?


When I opened my eyes, I could see Lichanir my mum and younger brother Sobia. Besides them was the doctor and the nurse incharge.I was lost in thoughts, and behaved awkwardly. To them, later on brother Sobia would jock that I was like a newborn baby, weak and fragile with hands in my fingers perfectly stuck in the mouth. I was informed I had suffered an internal bleeding in the head and abdomen. I had a fracture on my right limb and also a deep wound on my left chest. I was in total pain. The hospital looked calm but the air that penetrated from it’s, beautiful walls seemed accompanied with unsurety of contentment. I did not feel the beauty of the room or it’s calmness. However much my eyes tried to spell joy, my heart was twice adamant to accept it. With the pain and fear reigning in my conscience, I felt Life deserved to be hated for its cruelty. I was in a room, away from other patients. Perhaps seeing them toss and turn writhing in sincere pain would have given me a much better reason to hate life. I had been in a coma for close to a fortnight now.

“What’s been going on brother?” “Has the war ceased?…” I asked, showing a desire to ask more but Sobia cut me short.

“A lot has happened,” responded Sobia in a gentle voice as the doctor ushered them out. The visiting hours had elapsed and I would soon be lonely with the only company by me being the machines and medical structures that occupied the better part of the room.


“Close the door,” muttered the Attorney General in a trembling sensation. He kept peeping through the window again and again.

“Mikael” “Come on, copy the audio and send it to the media house, it seems they can not be available for the interview”

“They are already in the waiting room sir.” said Mikael, her secretary.

“Then let them be fast, I got to catch the next flight”

Mikael did not respond to her boss but rushed to the visitors lounge and came back trailed by a lady and a gentleman equipped with a camera.

“There they are,” said Mikael ushering the two to an inner room.

“Make it fast, I have an engagement in a half an hour time.” Lamented the Attorney General.

Dr. Jolek was profusely sweating. He seemed unsure of what he was about to do. In his hands, trembling, was a flash disk. The media team had realized something was a mess and they calmly sat back but filming the whole situation. Later they would release it and term it ‘A leaked video of the Attorney Generals last moments’. Of course with the tense mood, you could tell neither them nor the Attorney General knew this was the last moments. He breathed in, then out, then in again and repeated the occurrence a couple of times. He was like an extremely ill patient making the last treasured moves. Trying to struggle with death, trying to plead, convince the Angel of death that this seemed an error. Sometimes death is much promised to run away from. Like a revolving factor, a chase of life East draws you back west to your enemy.

‘If it happens, I’ll not regret,” “I made sacrifice to my people” whispered the Attorney to himself with his heart beating so restlessly. The body will always stand with you, adjust to every single moment in your life, try to convince you that it got you. Perhaps they too fear death.

“They’re looting our country, yes billions of taxpayers money,” “They plan to borrow and swindle the money in the name of ghost development projects.” “They’ve killed the opposition leader because he had had access to these documents.”

“He was an enemy just as I am to them now” “The Minister of… “

The Attorney was interrupted by several bullets pumped on his left chest by one of the ‘media team’ crew. The government had proved it was a perfect player. One who could aid you in beckoning your own demise closer. One who would make you postpone life waiting to death. Cards well played.

Mikael on hearing the gunshots, burst open the doors and fainted right there seeing the Attorney General bid life bye. Just like character Moscow in the movie ‘Money Heist’, he waits patiently for death smiling and glad that it had come. At her state she met her death unknowingly, perhaps she would never know how her death came about or who had brought it. She had died unconscious.

“Open fire” shouted the gunman. He was speaking to his colleagues.

“Liza, make the call and tell them to make the announcement, he’s dead”. “Take the flash disk and search for any file you think is a threat from his office” said the gunman who had now into a police attires.

The lady too was in a police attires and looked much serious. She kept on speaking from her walkie talkie. ” clear the compound, let the engineering be quick in erasing the CCTV footages.”


All media stationed were already broadcasting on the purposed terrorism attack at the Attorney General’s office. They too had played their role well. Buying time so that the public could conceive the possibility of the Attorney General’s death before they could reveal it. The police had ensued the compound, trying to act so professional before the cameras but deep in them acting a well scripted movie. Holding individual and releasing them in bits so that the public would believe the attackers escaped with the hostages. The whole drama went for close to three hours before the media announced that the Attorney General had been confirmed dead alongside her secretary. The police had also gave information that a gun they suspected to be used to carry the attack had been found left in the office. It was their own implant.

Soon the nation was in fear. The president made a press conference and just like it was obvious, he hailed praises at the departed and referred to his as an hero the nation had lost so early. To the public, the whole thing seemed so true but to the insiders it was just another play well staged, blinding the public completely and making them believe what the media could let them see.

The public hailed the police forces for serving the building so fast and preventing more casualties but poor them, perhaps they would have realized they were giving praises to the wrong people.

The Attorney had called his own death. He had trusted his own enemy though unknowingly and he had paid the bill of ignorance.

Later on in a months time, the Interior Minister would find holding this secrets no longer unbearable. He would step down but bearing in mind how the government played this dirty game, he would still be unsecure. He would struggle to seek tomorrow thinking it would be any better but it would betray him.

Sometimes death does not come unexpected. It knocks and we willingly open doors to it, argue and give in to her fate. Sometimes to someone else our death is sudden.


The Hospital policy did not allow a patient to be fed with saddening news. This meant I would live in a delayed today for more than three months.


At the Interior Ministers office, he had received news of the rioting locals condemning the economic crisis. The country was recuperating from an Embargo from foreign countries. The countries debt was at an alarming rate but then the government did not bother of any pending dangers.

The Cabinet was divided on several issues. The Reservists claimed the Embargo was good for the country and the cease of foreign aid ought to have served as a lesson to the country, enable it to open its eyes and adopt the very best methods to develop.

Others claimed it would deteriorate the economy. Funny. They themselves had looted from their own government and invested abroad. They were busy killing the system, creating more chaos and unsurity in their own land where they stood attention and sang the National anthem as a sign of loyalty, yet the loyalty itself was absent.

“Send the police”

“Minimum force”, “Remember we are on the watch from the media and the International Community “

“It is the best time for the opposition to win, any single wrong move means a mistake and a mistake means loosing a point” went on the Interior Minister to the Police Commander who was keenly listening.

He never thought a time would come when things would run out of hand, when he would prefer mistakes than perfection. Time would tell

Before the Police inspector would leave the room, ambulance sirens and wails could be heard down the streets. There were wails and groans. The sounds had drown closer moment by moment only that the Minister was preoccupied to hear it. Of course the police Inspector had been all ears had had become more uneasy as they seemed to be getting closer

“Kill him, kill him”

“Noooooo, let me die… ..” a man could be heard groaning, his sound rose and fell abruptly with the echo coming forth and falling…

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