That first time I set my eyes on her
I just wasn’t me, not on my own
Way back, still mama’s ‘innocent boy’
Had no word to utter, leave alone a lazy handshake
But as they put it, it’s all about effort, manhood
Follow your dream, go right after your heart
For your heart wants what it wants
In pursuit for what I wanted
Self-confidence was key lest I am nobody’s guest
Battling with fear, I sure had to make a move
As swift as a dove
And there I was, with the might of an elephant
Just then things ‘screwed up’, went a little unexpected
What now? Wait for her? She probably is waiting for me
Seven days into it, we are at square one
When numb treat was at its all
Back to peeping through the curtains
To see if she’s down there
My quest takes me way too far
Making occasional roams all hopeful that I bump into her
Upon landing downstairs but she isn’t nowhere
Poor me
What do I do?
All I know, something should be done
Soon enough, I sure will
Unless we get there,
I have to keep going
But before then, I’ll know no peace

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